Sunday, January 22, 2012


My dear families and friends it has been a long time since I have sat down to write. So much has happened- we had 2 birthdays, one holiday festival, oh and Barbara's and my birthdays and the Bakke's are back in Norway. Some of the photos, and there are a lot this time, are from December and then some from January.  During this time of year I find myself reflecting on many things, one of which is how grateful I am for so many things. The first is my daughter who really brought me to Waldorf Education. The second is to my sister and her husband who are so very generous to us- from the gorgeous pots we cook The Cottage Garden food in, to the glasses we  drink from, the  food and love at my birthday party oh so much more I thank you . Of course there is Barbara who is my mostly companion, my partner in life and work-her gifts are many and we have grown so much together  working with your children with the common ground of Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education below and above us. Lastly to all of you who trust us with your children, watching them develop right before our eyes is such a blessing. The play had been spectacular- as you all know we had our butternut tree cut down over the vacation and  we had all the logs left for the children. It is like a dream for me, city girl at heart, to finally have my own logs and stumps  making a wonderful playground for the children. We have had campfires with roasted marshmallows,  a boat, a castle, a garden, they climb, jump roll and find endless ways to use them. It is  very magical.
As they climb they are finding balance, both inwardly and outwardly. They must learn to negotiate socially, with our help of course, so as not to knock a friend over, to share the space, pails sand etc. Play is truly the work of children and we are glad to be able to provide the space and time for it to happen.
December Photos
Oh  heavy!

Ruby & Tim

Emerson & Barry

Oscar & Anna

Everyone on the Couch!!

Baking our Gingerbread Cookies

Baking our Gingerbread Cookies


Celia Helping

 What Concentration!

House Building


Waiting for story time
Watching the tree come down across the street

Watching the tree come down across the street

Elyon & Erin's Birthday

Angels on the Tree waiting to be uncovered

Mia reading to Erin

Emerson & Kate

We made a library!

Our Holiday Festival

January 2012 Kaia's first day

Mia, Brenden and Poppy

Henry loves the babies

The Boys are playing

Knight Mia

Elyon after his three year old birthday haircut.

Kaia joins in

The Christmas tree being decorated

Housebuilding outside 

The Queens "sister" in her castle

Back to Dec for a few photos

Back to Dec for a few photos

Back to Dec for a few photos

Outside in January

The children made a "campfire to roast marshmallows"

Elyon was telling us a story while we roasted and got warm

Mia & Eden resting in the bedroom

Pirate Emerson

with his First Mate Henry

Emerson's City

Duncan, our new puppy, gets fed

finally snow!

Levi comes to visit

Emerson puts up the 3 Beacons and the light

Tables become sleds...will they work???

Inside for a nice warm meal- soup with pasta and cheese

Yumm says Ruby

and Elyon

Our Nature Table and room in January

King Winter

what could be more fun then playing with my friends

A snow house was built