Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is Coming

Well spring has finally come. We have had many beautiful days in the yard. Flowers are popping up and the children are so happy together.  They are playing so sweetly together; on the farm, milking the cow, building fires to roast marshmellows or to keep warm. They are climbing and jumping with such ease so here are some new photos to enjoy.

Building a "fire"

Quack quack

Putting baby to sleep

Covering Baby

Emerson's House and Library


Bouncy bouncy Erin

Pat a Cake

Dying our eggs for our Spring Gardens

This is "bleeding" tissue paper for dyes

Look at Mine!

Barbara reading to her "babies"

Playing on our log

Mother Earth and friends

First Ice Pops of the season

spicy says Ruby

Jesse's first day

kisses from brother Henry

Planting our spring gardens with wheat berries

The "juice bar" named by Mia

2 weeks later our spring gardens have sprouted! and Barbara hardboiled some onion skin eggs

Jesse's second day

How many toddlers can fit on the table??



Mia has set up "milking the cow" at the tree and makes many deliveries of milk

Hmmm says Oscar what are they doing?

Milk  is coming over the bridge

A visitor

Jesse is fast asleep

Working and playing at the farm

Quick there's the garbage truck!

Milk  deliveries

Dear Emma grinding rice with Henry