Thursday, January 1, 2015


September 2018
The Cottage Garden Blog

The Cottage Garden is now a FULL Member of WECAN, 

The Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America 


Welcome to our home day care. My name is Celia Riahi and I have been a Waldorf early childhood educator for a long time and I feel it is my vocation to care for and teach young children. I work with my partner, Barbara Audley. She is the slow to my fast- a wonderful storyteller, cook, caregiver and all around loving, fair and terrific person-we work very well together.

We are located in Amherst, MA and are open Monday-Thursday, 8-4:30, August 29- June 30. We serve 7 families and nine children. We are licensed for 10 children per day, by the EEC and both of us have CPR and First Aid training. 

Our website has lots more information if you are interested. Any suggestions to this blog, whether it be more clarification of what we offer or the layout, 
are always welcome. Please be kind enough to ask my permission to use any copy or photos etc. I can be reached at-

Please join us as I try to share in words and photos, songs, recipes, stories and festivals notes all that fills our days here at The Cottage Garden. 

Please note that I had to put the date ahead in order to have this be the first page-if anyone knows another way please let me know-Enjoy.