Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is in The Air.....

Mother Earth and her friends have returned
 This was a rainy week- we played outside in the rain and the mud and the worms were very big! Mother Earth came to our Nature Table and brought some rosy apples, and little friends with her. Henry joined us on Michaelmas  and Rosh Hashannah, and is settling in. Happy New Year to all of you.
Ruby and Mia playing one morning

Longing on the Lounge chair

Erin emptying the "garbage" from her garbage truck.

Henry's First Day at The Cottage Garden

Friends at the Table

We are having fun here

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  1. Thank you for the emails telling us of new posts, Celia. I'm subscribed to your blog, but do I ever open my blog feed program? Hardly ever! So it's great to get that email.

    Welcome Henry! He looks right at home already. I look forward to meeting him and his parents in person.

    Hooray for the beautiful Autumn display! It's my favorite time of year and your display does it justice, it's really lovely.