Sunday, March 18, 2012

Me Do It!

Well here it is 2 months have passed and somehow I have not written a word. I think about it  and then don't write hmmmm... So what has been happening here at The Cottage Garden? So much- as we look ahead to next year and have begun interviewing for slots we may have I think about how to convey what we offer here? How is it different? Although I can go through the day to all of you, tell you about our rhythm of the day, the menus , the songs we sing it is really in those in between moments that we have with your children that make  it so special, those very funny moments and tender moments. For example; one child turned to Barbara and very seriously asked her, "Why is poop brown".....hmmm B answered after a flustered moment " I really don't know"- and off they went outside to play. Watching the children's play as it  moves from a restaurant- where pancakes are being served, to a castle with a moat, a fire to keep us warm or to roast our marshmellows. Everything is in constant motion, the toys are being used for may different things. They are learning to share, negotiate, wait their turn. Then we are at the table and again we have  to wait, pass out the food,  finish before we can get up and go to our tummy rest. They know what's happening and feel so comfortable here, it is like their home away from home. We have our rest and then my Rainbow Cloth comes out and it is so very sweet to hear those tiny voices singing all the songs with me, kissing the puppets or offering "Crumbs" to Robin Redbreast. Then off to the back yard where the sand and toys are waiting. They have been "sanding" the roads  so there is barely any sand in the sandbox but what fun it is! Climbing on the logs- they are the perfect size for little legs to jump and turn and squiggle up. Then we come trooping in to wash our hands, go potty and have our nice warm soup before we go to rest. In between all those activities they come for hugs and kisses, booboo bandaids,  for a ride on our knees, to help grind rice or felt wool, they show us the flowers they discovered or the worm or the toad and with each they are greeted with love and respect. They have all the time in the world to discover it, to learn to be in this world with each other.  I came away from our annual Waldorf Early Childhood Conference in February  with the phrases "self-initiate and self -directed" and those are the things  we are offering here. We give the children the time and space to move, try things whether it be food, toileting, self care, we want them to be able to _do it themselves- as one child used to say, "me do it!".
Oh I hope I haven't been blabbering too much- I will attach many photos so enjoy. Sorry if a few are repeats there are so many.......

End of January 2012

 Decorating the house

Maybe I can fit!

This little piggy......

Cookies baking in the oven

Building a fire 


Into the woods.....

Valentines day  what could be under there???

House Building has begun

Penny Roo
Roo Whistle
Mary Tossel
Old Mr. Bumbelo

What Balance

The Bedrooms of the house

Parquetry blocks

Peek a Boo

Mrs Thaw is sweeping away the snow

 Busy cooking

and grinding

and raking

Emersons excavator delivering all the toys

an Installation

Ooh who could it be under our new sandbox cover.......

First Crocuses


Spring is coming soon

The Children made their first Obstacle course under the guidance of Mia

Then they went to Africa in their car

Spring watercolor painting

Caps for Sale is very funny!!!!

I love pickles

I love pickles too

now it is time to rest

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