Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year 2013!

 Hello Everyone,
 Wow, I haven't posted since last April and so much has happened. In June we said good bye to Eden, Oscar, Emerson and Mia as they moved on. Emerson and Mia are at The Hartsbrook School and we are especially happy about that. This summer we made some changes to our house, whew so much work! We had a few of my kindergarten alums here helping schlep, clean and move everything they were great- they are all seniors in High School now. I love to keep my connections to all of them. Emma returned and worked with us through Christmas but her schedule is too full for the coming year. Nicole  has been with us since September and she is an angel.  She will stay all year and we are so happy to have her. We will also have an Intern for  a few weeks beginning in February. She is doing her training at Sophia's Hearth ( in New Hampshire.

 So we began the new year with a few new children, and sadly 2 of them have now left, one to another program as they needed more time than we offer and  our sweet Kaia has moved, as her papa got a new job.   So a new family will join us  this month and we will be busy with our  ten ( in total) children-but not every day! I have compiled the year so far in photos for you to enjoy. From our first days, first birthday, Halloween, fall leaves, our new rocking/climbing structure, new bench, grinding rice, peeling veggies, playing and more playing, the room in the fall and in December, painting, sewing, singing and more playing. I tried to put the photos in time order but a few are mixed up....
Happy New Year Enjoy!

WELCOME Fall Seasonal Table
First Day

OOOO The Garbage Truck is coming!


Our Room In the fall

Birthday Festival

Happy Birthday Erin & Elyon


Our new Rocker/climber thanks Jeff!

Mia visits

Natasha visits

Uh Oh back to the fall

The First Leaf

See Saw margery Daw.......

Our New Bench thank you Michael!

Wee Willie Winkie......

First Snow

December Seasonal Table and room
For Margret

Making Moss Gardens

Gingerbread Cookies

Winter Painting

As ever we are so grateful to be doing what we love, caring for your children. We thank you for sharing each and everyone of them and look forward to the coming year.

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  1. The magic and beauty continues! Thank you Celia, Barbara, Nichole, and Emma, for a wonderful Fall and early Winter. We are so blessed to be a part of your magical world, and how delightful to peek into the richness of the children's days via these photos.åç