Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting to Know Each Other

Good Evening All,
  The weekend is almost over and i have not written yet. There was the Fiber Twist this weekend and a birthday party-so many things to do! As I was observing the children this week I was struck by the beauty of their hair- yes you heard me right- just look at those curls and that beautiful blonde hair... we are continuing to get to know each other and the rhythm of the days. The children are feeling more and more comfortable with us and with each other. We found many juicy worms and played ball, baked sand cakes, tried a bit of wet felting  and just "were" in the garden. Fall is in the air and sniffles can be  heard so keep warm it may be time to get that woolie underwear out.

finding balance

Ruby helps me "tell" the story

Gardening with Kristin

Gardening with Kristin

Gardening with Kristin

Serious baking!

Emerson's Bakery

Oh all the things one can do with a cone!

Wet Felting with Celia

Wet Felting with Celia

Look at all that Hair!!!

Yummy soup.

Good night, sleep tight

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  1. Oh, the puppet show video is wonderful Celia, thank you for including us in your wee ring.

    I love seeing the garden play, and serious baking, too. Our children are blessed with such satisfying work/play at the Cottage Garden.